Empowered by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler

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What Is The Central Idea Behind Empowered?

Companies must respond to their customers' escalating power. Their employees are ready to do so. The challenge is to encourage technology innovation without generating chaos.

In Empowered, Josh and Ted demonstrate how companies can successfully transform their business through the employees called HEROes (highly empowered and resourceful operatives).

We list some of the key ideas here.

Effort-Value Evaluation For HERO Projects

HERO Project Effort-Value Evaluation Tool

Before starting or supporting a HERO project, you need to determine if the project's value is in line with the effort required. Our HERO Project Effort-Value Evaluation walks you through that analysis.

Peer Influence Analysis

Overall, people generate 500 billion online influence impressions on each other about products and services every year. And this influence is highly concentrated — 16% of the people generate 80% of the influence. Peer Influence Analysis identifies and analyzes these mass influencers by industry.

Peer Influence Analysis

IDEA: A Framework For Remaking Marketing And Service

In a HERO-powered business, managers across all customer-facing departments need to connect with empowered customers. Here's the four-step game plan with the mnemonic IDEA:

The HERO Compact

It takes three groups in collaboration to make customer-focused innovation possible and safe: IT, managers, and the HEROes themselves. Each has a role in supporting and managing HERO-driven innovation. The HERO Compact is a plan for how these groups can work together.

The HERO Compact

The HERO Index

The HERO Index assesses employees' readiness to contribute on two axes: Do they feel empowered, and can they act resourceful? We analyze employees on these scales by industry and job description.

The HERO Index

Tools For IT Professionals

IT collaboration is a key contributor for any HERO-powered business. Empowered includes these tools for people in IT:

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